Vacation (Part Three)

Aeryliss was crouched at a small rock formation on the outskirts of Netherstone, hacking away at a small Khorium vein when she heard it. The earth beneath her trembled slightly, and her ears twitched as the booming footsteps from behind her grew closer. She grinned.

It had been less than half an hour since she’d swindled her employer out of that extra mana injection. Her senses were sharp. Her legs felt lithe and unbreakable. Her fingers tingled restlessly, begging to release a torrent of arcane energy or a mass of deadly flames.

She rose to her feet and spun around with unnatural agility to face the the colossal Farahlon Breaker. The giante towered nearly two stories above her, the violet crystal spikes protruding from its surface adding to its formidable appearance. She’d encountered something similar in her work for the Kirin Tor and was well aware of their brute strength and durability.

The beast didn’t scare her one bit.

As the Breaker swung its giant fist down, she dove to the right, landing with a somersault as the rock shattered and sent bits of stone flying every which way. Between the adrenaline and the synthetic magic flowing through her, she didn’t even notice as one of them shot right by her, slashing through her right shoulder. As the the colossus rose back up, she took advantage of its sluggishness, thrusting her hands out in front of her.

She had no idea what she’d just shot at the giant, but it certainly wasn’t the arcane missile she’d intended. It was off-colored and much, much bigger than anything she’d ever conjured up before. She flew back from the force, slamming against the face of a small cliff. As the mutant bullet collided with the towering rock giant, it burst in a flash of blinding light. It took her a second to realize that the stinging sensation on her face was from the wave of purple sand flying out from where the Breaker used to stand.

Aeryliss trembled for a moment, staring at pile of dust a few yards in front of her in a daze before crawling over to and throwing herself over a small shelf protruding from the face of the cliff. She clutched her stomach with her left hand, swung her blood-soaked right arm over the edge, and began to heave.

With nothing in her stomach to expel, Aeryliss continued to dry-heave until she could barely breathe. Her head was heavy. Her eyelids drooped. Whatever she’d just done had drained every bit of energy she had. The sudden lack of mana had her practically paralyzed. When the heaving stopped and the ringing in her ears subsided a bit she dropped her head, rolling to face the rocky cliff surface. In the sudden silence, she could hear her heart beating unnaturally fast despite the fact that the blood flowing through it felt like mud. Her injured arm hung limply across, and she noticed her skin had taken on a bit of a greyish tint. But before she could dwell on the thought, her eyelids became too heavy. The heat from the Nether and the volatile magic that permeated the region felt heavy as well, as though it draped over her like a blanket.

Aeryliss’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as she lay there, curled pathetically across the jagged rock and allowed her consciousness to slip away.


2 Responses to “Vacation (Part Three)”

  1. 1 Zengu 5 July 2009 at 12:50 pm

    FFFFFFFFFFFF. God, everyone’s getting messed up.

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