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Liss’s Wish

Aeryliss stared at the small coin in her hand, turning it over and over as though she expected it to do something.
“Make a wish, Lissa!” She looked up at Lanuria’s face, all lit up like a little kid in a toy store or something. She watched as the ranger held her coin up to her lips for a moment before tossing it in to the Dalaran fountain.

She blinked down at the coin. She knew it was just a silly superstition, that throwing money in to a fountain couldn’t really grant wishes… but it seemed important to Lanuria. She looked back up at her. “What do I wish for?” Lanuria smiled and replied simply, “Anything you want.”

Anything she wanted? There were plenty of things she wanted, but she was pretty sure she could only wish for one thing per coin. She started going through them in her mind. She wanted to leave Northrend. No, she couldn’t wish for that. She had to stay. She had to pull through, for her people, for everything she believed in. She wanted independence, something that seemed to be slipping away from her lately. But at what cost?

There was something else she wanted. Something she couldn’t quite seem to figure out, with long dark hair and- No. She shouldn’t wish for that. She shouldn’t even want that.

She looked at Lanuria watching her with that childlike sparkle in her eye. She looked back down at the coin and held it to her lips, muttering her secret wish. She flung the coin in to the fountain and smiled up at Lan. “Let’s go.”

Don’t let him run away again. From either of us.


Sentimental Value

“Do you have your key?”

The plain-looking blonde dressed in a simple netherweave garment stared blankly through Aeryliss as she rummaged through her pack. As she felt around at the bottom, her thin fingers brushed over the cold metal and she quickly grasped it by the teeth and slid it across the counter toward the banker. Her expression sill vacant, the woman asked in a dreary tone, “Storage or safety deposit?”

“Safety deposit.”

The blonde ducked behind the counter for a moment, then stood back up and slid the box across to the young mage. Aeryliss lifted the lid carefully and frowned slightly at the sparse contents. At the bottom of the box laid two small bags of gold, a ring box, and another case, thinner and wider than the first. She pushed the money bags aside and grabbed the two boxes, shutting the lid and sliding the box back toward the lethargic elf. Tucking her key back in her pack along with the two new parcels, she headed out of the bank and back toward Scryer’s Tier. She reached the inn and sat down at a small, secluded table, pulling out some paper. She began to write:

Dear Father

Aeryliss tightened her lips, tapping her fingers on the table impatiently. She stared at the paper for a moment before sighing and starting to write again


I’m not sure what use you’ll have for this anymore, but I thought you should have it. If I’ve deduced correctly, it was yours to begin with, so it only makes sense that it be returned to you. What you choose to do with it is your own affair, but it certainly hasn’t served any purpose sitting in my bank vault all these years.

Hope you are well,

She folded the letter neatly and quickly scanned the table. Spotting a small white candle across from her seat, she shrugged and grabbed it, tilting it slightly so a few drops of wax fell to the paper, sealing it. She mashed the wax down with the base of the candle and grinned to herself, imagining how her father – the self-appointed Silvermoon fashion police – would react upon seeing such a crudely manufactured stamp. She attached the letter to the ring box and slid it to the side, grabbing a clean sheet of paper.


She began to address the letter, then stopped and picked up the flatter, wider box, gingerly lifting the lid. She lifted the small piece from the container and smiled to herself as she felt the smooth feathers brush across her fingers. She let out a quick sigh and carefully set it back in the box. She then crumpled up the paper and threw it across the room.

I’ll deliver this one myself.

Aeryliss swept  up the parcels and shoved them back in her bag as she got up from the table. Her stomach did a somersault as she exited the small inn and headed back toward the Terrace of Light.


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